The Housing First programme in Molenbeek runs alongside the structures currently operated by the CPAS (Hostel run by the Relais, Emergency housing, Transit accommodation). In addition to trying out this innovative practice with the area’s beneficiaries, introducing these Housing First practices is an opportunity to:

  • Further develop the interaction and synergies with social players,
  • Experiment with ways of making the model permanent and placing particular emphasis on the problem of finding/creating specific housing for the target group, against the backdrop of a terse residential rental market.
  • Hone in on and analyse the social needs, obstacles and perspectives identified in the local area, with the aim of improving the ways in which we tackle poverty and social exclusion on a local level.

Whilst the CPAS of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean oversees the project’s coordination at local level and its management, the in-housing support on the ground is provided by SMES-B and Infirmiers de rue.

Coordination for the CPAS of Molenbeeek