The City, the CPAS, the social housing companies and the “CAWs” have been working for several years on fast-tracking homeless people into social housing. Each year the Antwerp-based companies make almost 50 apartments available to homeless people and they are supported by Antwerp’s “CAWs”. 

Alongside this form of rehousing, there is a serious need to create other available options, especially by bringing together housing and individual support (based on the Housing First model).

As part of Housing First Belgium, the project partners in Antwerp are experimenting with a new system of using empty apartments that are in need of some minor renovations in which to house temporarily people suffering from chronic homelessness. Long-term solutions have to be found during this period.

The City of Antwerp brings the apartments up to habitable standards by working with local social economy companies or other social partners.

Participation in HFB is overseen by the City and the CPAS of Antwerp.
On the ground, it is the CAW Antwerp  that arranges for the homeless persons to enter the housing and offers them support thereafter.