The question of “housing” has been high on the agenda of the Relais Social du Pays de Liège since its creation but it is especially the “accommodation” heading which has been the focus of a series of different projects, running alongside each other at the same time and sometimes complementing one another:

  • Emergency accommodation (coordination between night shelters and hostels, emergency beds and beds in hostels);
  • Plan “Grands Froids” (stemmed from the previous project but became independent following a decision from the Government of Wallonia);
  • Neighbourhood interface (insertion project allowing people to settle into their accommodation).

On the other hand, the (good) practices of partnership clusters around individual situations highlighted the need to search for housing independently of the first issues that result in cooperation (precariousness and mental health; inter-service cooperation…).


The example of the “ALOR” project. 
Following on from recommendations from the research commissioned by Wallonia relating to housing obstacles, the team of Educateurs de Rue (EDR) from the RSPL, to whom the study was commissioned, created a project resembling the notion of “housing first”: support in housing starting from the street.
By designating APE points and via a specific subsidy from the SPW, a social worker was taken on in addition to the EDR team.
The project, however, is managed by the whole team and coordinated by the EDR coordinator.


Composition of the HF support team
- A social worker (see tasks here)
- Dedicated representative (university) (see tasks here)

Particular role of the Educateurs de Rue:
- they will continue to reach out to their target group in order to reach users likely to enter into the project;
- they will continue to provide the support they have offered to users who entered as part of the ALOR project;
- they will come in as reinforcement as part of monitoring the “housing first” project as soon as there is a user known to them.

Development of the ALOR project:
- Incorporated into “Housing first” whilst the HF project is ongoing but will regain its independence in the event of HF being discontinued whilst incorporating any good practices that it has given rise to.
- An EDR agent joined the Housing First project and has the same role as the social worker working on the project; the subsidy and financial support used for the ALOR project are allocated to the Housing First project.

Type of housing
The housing comes exclusively from the private rental market.